June 16th, Swisshome, Oregon

2003 from the outback

As they say

I am leaving from Eugene for a outback experience.
Max, my cousin in Currimundi, Queensland, AU
and I are taking his Diesel Land Cruiser across the OUTBACK of Australia for two months (or so).

June 19th Sydney, Australia

June 20th Sydney..........

Yikes! I've landed in Canada! Nope, it's Australia.........

Hyde Park early morning on my way to the Darling Harbor to catch the Ferry to Manly Beach

Manley Beach, surfs up! Scroll back and fourth

Opera house and area.................Scroll back and fourth

June 21st Sydney

Met a wonderful couple, Fred and Elinor Wroble. They are building a museum in Woolloomooloo as a memorial to friend and artist John Passmore (1904 - 1984). I have personally never seen a private Art collection this extensive. It is a brilliant collection and will demand a spot in the Australian National Archive in the future. Apparently Australia does not recognize Art the way we take it for granted in the US. The collection is representative of "Aussie" period art. The upstairs (3 levels at least) is living quarters and a fantastic lifetime collection of indiginous art.
June 23, 2003..........Sydney I think??

Oh my God, He's gone BUSH "native"

Why the hair do or "hair don't"
It's the freeking flying foxes that are everywhere, wingspan about 3'

Our first night out of Currimundi heading North to the Barrier Reef

The second night we ended up at John Edward Penhallurick's beach house for a little family reunion, can you pick the Penhalluricks?

The view from the top of the Hill at John and Margaret Penhallurick, the fields are full of 660 acres of Sugar Cane and another 400 or so acres for cattle. This view is where Margaret wants a house. I can't blaim her, as I would live there in a heartbeat.
We had a great meal and some homemade (made at an undisclosed location) sugar Rum (YUM!)

My cousin (on the right) and her friend Karen from London and of course Sharon's traveling Teddy Bear (Cancer Society sponser) joined us for the trip up North, actually I joined them. Whatever! It was a fair dinkum trip!

I've decided that I am in Australia after all. I just had to leave the city!!

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